Baltimore Bullys Stud Service

  • We have IOEBA, ABKC and CKC registered Olde English Bulldogges available for Stud Service to approved females.
  • Building a Better Bulldog!


    If you have a female in heat and require stud service we are very easy to work with. The goal at Baltimore Bullys is to build better Bulldogs. Our aim is to breed great looking Bulldogs with awesome personalities that will not end up in shelters because of agression problems or come back to us with serious health issues. We are hobby breeders with fulltime jobs. The fulltime jobs support our bulldog passion. With this being said profit is not a motive in our breeding program. Health and temperament are what are important to us and we look for that in any female we will consider approving for stud service.
  • We will not offer stud service to a female with a history of Human aggresion or serious health problems.
  • If your female cannot be approached and handled by a stranger (within reason) she is not a dog we wish to carry forward the Baltimore Bullys bloodline. We will also not approve stud service to puppy mills or persons that we suspect abuse their animals. Bad dog owners breed bad dogs and bad dogs produce horrible offspring. Horrible offspring normally end up in animal shelters due to behavior problems or expensive health issues. Being in a shelter is not acceptable for our Olde English Bulldogges, so we screen our breeding partners the same as a responsible parent would screen their childs friends and parents before allowing their child to stay the night.

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